Volkswagen stops selling the Beetle in Spain

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The truth is that it is not a news that should surprise us excessively. For quite some time it was known that the iconic and picturesque Volkswagen Beetle faces a very black future. One of the most historic vehicles of Volkswagen leaves by the back door (at least in Spain) and, therefore, it puts an end to a chapter in the history of the manufacturer.

A little more than a year ago we already announced that both the Volkswagen Beetle and the Volkswagen Scirocco were facing the demise for a very clear reason. The low sales. Enrollments do not accompany and hold these vehicles is more costs than benefits for Volkswagen. Such is the situation that the Volkswagen Scirocco also stopped selling in Spain a few months ago. Although it is true that you can still find some units to enrol in any of the dealers of the firm.

Now, at that time it was expected that at least the Volkswagen Beetle Cabrio had some continuity since of the three mentioned models, it was the only one that still maintained a few acceptable sales levels. However, just a few weeks after the Volkswagen Beetle coupe body finished its commercialization in Spain, the convertible variant does the same.

Although the Beetle and the Scirocco have been two of the most passionate and iconic cars we could find in the Volkswagen range (and which are still present in certain markets), the truth is that the brand has other interests currently that do not go through them. Its sales figures were marginal and that is precisely what the Volkswagen Group does not need at present.

If we look back, according to the data provided by ANFAC (Spanish Association of Automobile Manufacturers and Trucks), during the year 2017 were sold in Spain a total of 782 units of the Volkswagen Beetle (including both types of bodies). In comparison with the data of the previous year, this figure represents a decrease of 10.9%. Their sales were very close to those of the Volkswagen Up !. The situation was untenable.

Another issue to be noted with the Spanish march of the Volkswagen Beetle is that the German brand will no longer have convertibles in its offer for our market. The last vehicle of this kind that was available in its configurator was the Volkswagen Beetle Cabrio.

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