Volkswagen will open three new factories in China

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Volkswagen has very ambitious plans for the Chinese market. In the short term, the German manufacturer plans to introduce a large number of new models in the «Asian giant». Vehicles of different type and segment. Although the truth is that the SUVs will have an increasing presence in the offer of the brand in Chinese dealers. Only between now and the year 2020 will the automobile firm launch 12 new SUVs.

To respond to the unstoppable growth of demand for Volkswagen models in China, the company has decided to get down to work and open three new factories in the Asian country. The opening of these three new Volkswagen factories in China will be possible thanks to the close collaboration that the brand maintains with its local partner, FAW Group. All with the aim of positioning itself as the clear dominator in the world’s largest automotive market.

Two of the three new factories will be located in Tianjin and Foshan. The third floor is located in Qingdao. These three facilities of Volkswagen and FAW will have a very clear goal, producing SUVs and electric cars. These two types of vehicles are experiencing strong growth in the Chinese market and it is expected that in the short term their share will increase very significantly concentrating a large part of car sales.

The new Volkswagen factory in Qingdao started its activity recently with the new Volkswagen Bora, a model based on the MQB platform. In addition to vehicles, batteries will be manufactured in this plant. The Foshan factory will open next June while the Tianjin factory will open in August.

All vehicles produced by Volkswagen in these three new factories will be destined for Chinese dealers so all production will be local. With this movement, the German brand thus becomes one of the most important foreign car manufacturers in all of China. In addition, your cooperation with FAW will be strengthened with the opening of these new plants.

Volkswagen managed to increase its sales in China by 13% during the first quarter of 2018 by selling more than one million vehicles. In addition to FAW, the company collaborates with other major Chinese brands such as SAIC, with which it has jointly developed a new compact crossover that will be sold globally in the main automotive markets.

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