The turn of the Ford Ranger 2.2 TDCI

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To live happily, live hidden! The pickups escape (for now) punitive taxation on the car. Let's try the best-selling of them, the Ford Ranger 2.2 TDCI.

The Ford Ranger is simply the best-selling pickup in France, with (the values cover the first 11 months of 2017), 5633 copies sold (up 16%) in a market representing 18,267 units (up 21%!). His challengers are the Toyota Hilux (3797 units) and the Nissan Navara (3083 units).

Unlike some of its competitors, the Ranger offers a complete range, with single cab bodies, the Super Cab (two small folding seats at the rear) and this double-cabin test. Same as under the hood, we find a 2198cc 4-cylinder diesel engine in configurations of 130 (330 Nm) or 160 horsepower (385 Nm at 1,500 rpm), as well as the large 5-cylinder 3.2 of 200 horsepower, already tested on the blog.

2.2 TDCI Engine

By its nature as a utility vehicle, it is not subject to the ecological penalty, which quickly collapses the gear of this size and who have some provisions to do off-road. And that, for the individual, it is already a saving that can go up to 10500 € (my test model is given for 7.8 l / 100 in mixed official and 207 grams of CO2, so the maximum penalty), this which is nothing in the basket of the housewife. Moreover, it gives you pleasure, to let go of 10500 € of " ecological malus" to the State?

The pros, in addition, get to be exempted from the TVS (tax on company vehicles), while one recovers, in addition, the VAT on the versions with single cabin and extended cabin. So as it is totally legal, we are not going to talk about scams and then there are also people who do not necessarily want to sponsor the generous services of Bercy. Well, it almost makes you want to put a box…

Ford Ranger 2.2 TDCI

I often have things to carry. A clock, a collection of sewing machines, a concrete mixer … Or even a motorcycle. Well, history lived, it's always a pleasure to receive an old bike as a birthday present: the Ranger was therefore very convenient for this use and a small Honda CS 90 from the mid-60s easily entered the bucket to serve from birthday gift to a friend's 60th birthday. Not to mention the towing capacity of 3500 kilos with a braked hitch. Of course, not everyone has a sailboat or horses, but…

It is true that the machine weighs 2080 kilos. So, of course, we do not expect Focus RS and if this is the number one criterion, we will perhaps choose the 3.2 model which, in addition to the 40-horsepower difference, proposes also a more consistent torque (470 Nm from 1500 rpm). If in both cases, the maximum speed is limited to 175 km / h, accelerations are better: 0 to 100 covered in 10.6 seconds against 12.8 for 2.2, both in BVA6.

On a small road, I actually had a tendency to put the BVA6 on the "sport" mode, just to be able to take a few more turns and have a more alert box management. Back on less tormented routes, the Ford Ranger 2.2 TDCI has still shown a very good ability to swallow miles, comfort and silence, three on board and with a motorcycle in the bucket.

Ford Ranger Dash pic

Comfort and safety: With line hold, emergency braking and adaptive cruise control, the Ranger is one of the safest pickups today.

I went to Nice by the highway, with an average of 9.5 l / 100 to three in with a motorcycle in the bucket (a good big liter less than the version 3.2), well stalled in the leather seats of this Limited version, and a good working silence and safe elements that make travel easier. In this use, pickups have much to envy conventional cars.

And then, we will remember the comfort of leather seats, the good ergonomics, the beautiful visibility thanks to the raised driving position, as well as the excellent functionality of the SYNC3.

Be careful, however: the Ford Ranger 2.2 TDCI, unlike some of its competitors like the VW Amarok, is not a permanent 4 × 4. Attention therefore on a wet road, to well select the mode of transmission.

Well, we must admit that with such a template, it's easier to manage. 5.30 long: necessarily, it does not park easily in front of the City of Paris! Too bad, by the way, because annoying Anne H., Cruella mobility, who is taking a picture of a bike but who moves only by car, it would have had a certain charm! By the way, we could try, thanks to the reversing camera and very "square" shapes that help to have the compass in the eye (it's an expression, do not try, it's very dangerous).

interior pic

In fact, with a little habit, we take very easily into account the dimensions of this Ford Ranger 2.2 TDCI, thanks to its rather square volumes. Suddenly, the stress of the beginning disappears rather quickly and after a few days, we realize that the Ranger behaves as easily as a normal car, with the same level of comfort and equipment.

3 bodies and 4 trim levels: the Ford Ranger 2.2 TDCI rakes wide. The range starts at 25 070€ HT, and in my trial run, count more than 37000 €, which puts it in the heart of the market.

The niche is filled with the arrival of Mercedes X Class and Renault Alaskan. Despite this, the Ranger draws its game card with its skills and price/benefits that makes it a must offer.

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