Toyota and Suzuki will develop a new efficient engine for emerging markets

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Although the collaboration between Toyota and Suzuki began to set in 2016, it was last year when both companies They started a cooperation phase to benefit each other in different aspects of the sector. One of the most interesting results of this collaboration has to do with sustainable mobility. Suzuki will develop a new ultra-efficient mechanics.

Thanks to the use of technology from Toyota origin and Denso Corporation components, the Suzuki brand will be able to equip some of its vehicles with a new engine that will offer low levels of fuel consumption as well as CO2 emissions. However, this new powertrain that will be developed may not be seen in these parts since it will be focused on very specific types of markets.

Models designed by Suzuki will be produced and sold by Toyota in India through the network of dealerships that have both signatures in the designated country. On the other hand, Suzuki will be in charge of selling these new models, including those manufactured by TKM, in the African markets where they are present. Although there are still some details to be made, the truth is that India will take most of the fruits of this collaboration.

Beyond the development of this new ultra-efficient powertrain, the strategic collaboration established between Toyota and Suzuki also aims to work in other fields equally relevant to the automotive industry. Both companies will explore opportunities regarding active and passive security technologies, information and entertainment systems, the mutual supply of products and components.

Suzuki is one of the non-local brands with the longest trajectory in India. The fact that Toyota can produce and sell the models designed by Suzuki in the Indian market will greatly benefit it to improve its position in one of the most strategic emerging markets. Suzuki has a lot of experience regarding the demand and tastes of Indian drivers.

In the coming months, more details of the markets in which the vehicles designed and developed by Suzuki will be marketed with this new efficient engine will be offered. In addition to Africa and India will also make an appearance in other emerging markets.

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