Tesla Model 3 destined for Europe will start production in 2019

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As usual, it has been Elon Musk who through Twitter has revealed new information about the company’s production. On this occasion, we finally have news of the production of the new Model 3 units that are destined for export, both the LHD configuration (left-hand drive) and the RHD versions (with the right-hand controls).

As we can see in the tweet inserted below, in response to a user who inquired about the development of the RHD versions, Musk pointed out the first half of next year for the left-hand drive versions intended for the European and Asian markets, while those that will have a steering wheel on the right will not be until the middle of next year.

In the same way, Musk recalled that the Model 3 was already designed with the duplicity of controls in mind, hence the great symmetry and simplicity of the model’s dashboard. Although not having a large thermal engine and all its auxiliary systems occupying the entire forward space makes the task much easier.

At the moment we interpret and understand these dates revealed by Musk as the start of production of the aforementioned export variants of the Model 3 and not its commercialization, so we must add a small margin of time between the start of production and the shipment of the first units, in addition to the obvious deadline to distribute them.

What will be the first markets to receive them? At the moment there is nothing confirmed but in the case of European LHD versions we can think first of Norway, the main market of the brand in the old continent, and shortly after Germany and the rest of continental Europe. In the case of the RHD versions the markets are very few, and the main ones are Great Britain, Japan and Australia.

A previous Musk tweet revealed that the standard versions of the Model 3 (those equipped with the option of batteries of minor capacity and 354 km of autonomy) will not start production at least until the end of this year, so although they should be already out of the chain when Tesla begins to manufacture the specimens for export, it is more than likely that the first version exported is the Model 3 ‘Long Range’, more expensive specimens and therefore will contribute better to the company’s accounts., as already warned Musk.

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