Tesla Model 3 is available for rent

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Directly imported from North America, the Tesla Model 3 is now available at the German rental company Arndt Automobile which has just received three copies.

While we mentioned a few weeks ago the arrival of the first Model 3 used in Europe, the owner Arndt Automobile, based in Düsseldorf, has just made a nice coup de com announcing on his Facebook page has received three copies of the Tesla Model 3. Models directly imported from the United States where the last of Tesla has begun its deliveries for several months.

Proposed alongside a Model X and Model S already integrated into the fleet the renter, these Model 3 cannot, however, be rented by anyone. Mainly for approval by the renter, they will be reserved for the first time to professionals with an advertised rate of 1,000 euros per day.

Reste to remember that these Model 3 US may face some charging concerns, especially at the level of the superchargers where the standard used on the catch is different.Sources: Arndt Automobile

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