Taxi 5 is coming out today!

The fifth part of the series debuts in the dark rooms and presents a new duet composed of Franck Gastambide and Malik Bentalha.

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France’s most famous Taxi resumes service, 11 years after the fourth instalment of the saga, which had not left an unforgettable memory and marked the breathlessness of the duo led by Samy Naceri and Frederic Diefenthal. For the return of the series, the context is modernized and the team starts (almost) from scratch. Luc Besson still produces the feature film but it is now Franck Gastambide who took the position of director, but also that of the actor.

He actually camps Sylvain Marot, a Paris cop who joins the Marseille Municipal Police. He forms an unlikely duo with a heated Uber, Eddy Maklouf, played by Malik Bentalha, who is none other than the nephew of Daniel Morales, the character played by Samy Naceri in the first four parts of the saga. From one thread to another, he uses the famous taxi of his uncle, the Peugeot 407 already seen in Taxi 4.

There is the hilarious Bernard Farcy, who still plays former Commissioner Gibert, who became mayor of the city. The three protagonists and their allies will join forces to stop jewellery shooters, the “Gang of Italians”. The film crew also wanted to echo the passion of cars since the “bad guys” of the film will be driving Ferrari 458 Italia! What to be more interesting than the gang of roller skates present in the third episode.

Will this renewed operation succeed in conquering the French in the dark rooms? This is the challenge of Luc Besson, a year after his commercial failure Valerian, but especially 11 years after the disappointment of Taxi 4, which had been made 4,562,928 entries in France, two times less than the second part of the saga who holds the record with 10,345,901 entries. Answer in a few weeks!

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