The new Suzuki Jimny 2018 has already started its production

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The production of the third generation of the Suzuki Jimny ended last April, and now, just over a month later, the brand is already immersed in the start of the production of his successor, the fourth Suzuki Jimny generation.

Precisely in one of the factories of the Japanese brand this video could be recorded, in whose images we discovered the first units of the nude model, just off the assembly line. These images are very rare, as it is not usual to find sightings of this type from Japan. The Japanese brands are extremely discreet and except for the test units sighted in other continents, it is very rare to be able to see prototypes or unpublished models of Japanese brands.

The images are very distant, so the model is not very well appreciated, however, what is seen fits perfectly with the leaks seen so far of the small SUV.

At the moment, we hope that the new model will be presented next September, just before the Paris Motor Show 2018, which takes place in the first days of October. In the same way, we hope that the model reaches the Spanish dealers in October, shortly after being revealed.

As anticipated filtered images and camouflaged prototypes that we have analyzed so far, the fourth generation of the SUV it will have a very square aesthetic, in the style of the Mercedes G-Class, although it reminds us greatly of the second generation of the model, which was sold in our country with the Samurai name, the iconic Jimny SJ40. All the body panels are very vertical and we find very sharp edges, like the aforementioned second generation.

Although it has not been confirmed yet, we hope that Suzuki will prepare a special event for the presentation of the new generation, and thus achieve the maximum possible media attention.

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