Porsche is making a replica of its first model

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The German brand has decided to create a replica of its first model, the Porsche ‘No. 1 ‘Roadster, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the signing, which is completed this year. Although this new initiative of the firm may not be strange, because many brands often recreate replicas of their first models, usually lost, the truth is that Porsche retains this rare piece in his museum.

So he is not recreating a model that disappeared years ago, but a replica of a copy that they already have and that usually appears in numerous promotional images of the firm, such as the upper photograph, which is part of the set of official images of the Porsche Mission E electric concept.

According to the brand, the original copy went through several hands and has undergone so many modifications and repairs over the years – it was manufactured in Austria in 1948 – that its body can no longer be restored to its original condition. [19659005] The original No. 1 Roadster in the museum of the brand

So the company has decided to create a replica that shows the configuration and above all, the finishes and material the originals that the model wore in his day. Due to its show-car character, it will not have an engine or transmission, as well as any type of mechanical organ.

The result will be a static model whose sole function will be to show the initial appearance of the Porsche 356 ‘Number 1 ‘, which was assembled in Austria in 1948, in the town of Gmünd. This had a Volkswagen boxer engine of 35 HP, but thanks to a weight content of only 585 kilos was capable of reaching 135 km / h.

To be able to achieve the highest level of detail, craftsmen The brand first scanned the original 1948 Roadster 3D, and based on this reading they created the body panels by hand, using materials and techniques that were originally used 70 years ago.

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