Porsche – Towards an end of thermal engines in 2030

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With exceptional results in the first quarter of 2018, since it is the best ever recorded by the manufacturer, Porsche is slowly beginning to reveal its long-term strategy. The central question is obviously the management of the transition between the engines and the propulsion, which is currently going through the hybrid.

The German brand has announced that one of its new models, the second generation of Panamera, has sold in the hybrid version more than 60%. The highlight of the hybrid, which precedes the arrival of the first fully electric models, the Mission E sedan and its future derivatives, is starting to work well, even though Porsche has recently confirmed that the 911 would not be available in the electric version.

If the problem of all-electric will arise in the coming decades, it is the hybrid that currently interests Porsche, which has worked a lot on coupled energies through its passage in the World Endurance Championship. Thus, the manufacturer is now developing a hybrid version of its big SUV, the Cayenne, to boost sales, overshadowed by the Macan.

Porsche director Oliver Blume revealed that according to his goals, the latest fully-powered Porsche would be produced before 2030 since he hopes that from then on, the entire range will be electrified. It must be understood here that the most sporty models will not be electric, but at least hybrid.

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