Nissan presents a conceptual convertible version of the Leaf

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Nissan has unveiled a version that we did not expect to see from its electric compact, the new Leaf convertible. A merely conceptual variant that was born as a design exercise to celebrate the last milestone reached in the assembly line of the model, reaching the 100,000 units manufactured.

The new generation of the Nissan Leaf has been on the market for a few months now (also available in our country) and for now it is proving an even greater success than that of its predecessor, despite having a rather more discreet aesthetic than the first generation.

The changes of this prototype are evident, it loses its roof but it does not completely, but from the upper ends of the windshield to the start of the C-pillar, which also keeps complete. The only pillar that disappears is the Band with it the two rear doors, so this is also the first 3-door Nissan Leaf we have seen. And probably the last, since the possibility of seeing a variant of 3 doors of the electric model are rather scarce.

For now, the brand has only revealed so we can not show you the interior of the vehicle. Although it is strange the position of the backrest of the rear bench, they seem much higher than usual, while the back of the left front seat does not appear, but the right.

It is very likely that this concept has the steering wheel to the right and that the left seat has been cancelled because it does not appear in either of the two perspectives available.

The company has already confirmed that the only objective of this model is to serve as show-car, so they have no intention of producing it in series. Regarding its technical approach, the Japanese firm has not declared any type of novelty with respect to the series Leaf on which it is based.

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