New Mercedes G Class will debut Diesel Version in 2018

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For several months now the new generation of the Mercedes G-Class is already on sale in Spain. It is now possible to buy a unit of the iconic Mercedes SUV in the Spanish dealers, although the truth is that in its commercial launch, the model is accompanied by a very short mechanical range. And it is only possible to get the G 500 version that is associated with a 4.0-liter petrol V8 engine and double turbo that delivers 422 hp.

There is no other engine available in the range of the new G-Class. To find a different mechanics we must go directly to the model that bears the seal of the Mercedes-AMG guys. The sporty Mercedes-AMG G 63 is also available in Spain, although it comes to complete the offer on the high side thanks to its V8 gasoline engine that yields 585 HP.

Mercedes is aware of the situation experienced by the new Mercedes G Class and is already working on the new versions that will soon break into the European market. According to the information that has had a digital medium specialized in the brand of the star, in no time will be introduced the first diesel option for the new Class G. The version G 350 d.

The German manufacturer will continue to invest in diesel fuel for its non-combustible off-road vehicle. Taking into account that in certain market niches in Europe diesel is still a very valid option, the company will introduce the Mercedes G 350 d. It’s coming out is scheduled for the end of this year and the brand will begin accepting orders for this new version from the month of December.

The production of the new Mercedes G-Class diesel will also begin in the aforementioned month, although the first deliveries will be made starting next March 2019, coinciding with the celebration of the next edition of the Geneva Motor Show. Recall that recently the production of the new G-Class has started. This model is manufactured by Magna Steyr in its facilities in Graz (Austria).

And what will be the engine that will use the Mercedes G 350 d? Under its hood, there will be a motor of six cylinders in line and 3.0 litres. This mechanic was introduced for the first time with the last set-up that the Mercedes S-Class suffered. In the case of the Mercedes luxury saloon, it is offered with up to 340 HP of power. It will be associated with an automatic gearbox and a 4Matic all-wheel-drive system.

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