Model Y: Tesla plans production start for November 2019

The manufacture of Model Y, a crossover based on the Model 3 platform, will begin in November 2019 with production divided between the United States and China.

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While Tesla is still focusing its efforts on ramping up Model 3‘s production capabilities, Reuters has learned about the production of Model Y from several sources that the Californian manufacturer has initiated consultations with various suppliers. If Tesla gave the suppliers little detail about the manufacturing program for its next model, the manufacturer reportedly announced a production date scheduled for November 2019 at its Fremont, California site.

Tesla reportedly sent a ‘request for information’ to suppliers. A common request in the automotive industry where spare parts suppliers are usually consulted two to two and a half years before the start of production of a vehicle. Intervening only 18 months before the start of production announced, Tesla’s request is considered “aggressive but possible” by one of the sources cited by Reuters. Because if the production of the Model 3 has lagged behind due to bottlenecks on some production station of the Model Y, based on the same platform, should pose much less difficulties to the manufacturer.

Considered to be one of the big projects of the Californian group, the Model Y could ultimately surpass the sales of the Model 3. In February, Elon Musk indicated to produce up to 1 million Model Y per year. An ambition that could push the manufacturer to launch a new factory on US soil, although Fremont could be used to industrialize the first models. According to Reuters sources, the production of Model Y will be divided between the United States and China where Tesla aims to establish a first production site in the coming years.

If it did not want to comment on the information revealed by Reuters, Tesla should submit by the end of the third quarter the official production plan of Model 3. Case to follow!

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