India: Strom Motors presents an electric car at 3700 euros

Specially developed for urban uses, the Strom R3 will be launched at the end of the year on the Indian market where it will be offered for 300,000 rupees, the equivalent of 3700 euros.

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India is becoming a very big market for the electric car. Since the government announced its decision to stop the thermal cars in 2030, the news continues to multiply. Latest: The Strom R3 presented by Strom Motors, a small manufacturer based in Mumbai.

Evolving on three wheels – two front and one behind – this small electric car focuses on urban needs. No big engine or battery with excessive autonomy, the Strom R3 seeks above all to meet the uses with a price content. With 13 kW of power, the electric motor allows up to 80 km / h at top speed and can be combined with two battery configurations. The first allows 80 kilometres of autonomy and the second 120 kilometres. If it does not specify the onboard capacity, the manufacturer announces a charging time of 80% in two hours with the optional fast charger and from 3 to 6 hours with a conventional plug.

Targeting major Indian cities such as New Delhi, Bangalore or Mumbai, Strom Motors plans to launch its electric car at the end of the year. Promising a blow to use unbeatable, the Strom R3 will be offered from 300,000 rupees, equivalent to 3,700 euros.

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