German authorities accuse Mercedes of manipulating emissions

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The Volkswagen emission scandal – and almost all the brands of the German giant integrated into the group – has no limits. As the weeks pass, we are aware of new production stoppages because the measures are not what they should be. But now there is a new case, and this directly affects the brand of the three-pointed star, Mercedes.

The German Ministry of Transport accuses the German brand of including a device to deceive in the measurements of emissions, which allegedly found in the diesel version of the C-Class and the commercial Vito; Specifically, the 1.6-liter four-cylinder diesel engine of Renault origin, shuffling the figure of 600,000 units affected by this fraudulent system in the case of the Class C Saloon model and the familiar Estate Class, and to which 6,300 of the commercial model are added.

According to the German organization KBA, they have units of the investigated models concluding in a report that they effectively equip a measurement system to manipulate the measurements of the exhaust system. In this regard, Mercedes points out that she is aware of this problem and that she is part of the campaign that she initiated on a voluntary basis last summer, although she points out that this particular engine is not available in the G-Class as it has been hinted at as well. The 109 CDI and 111 CDI models of the Mercedes Vito, whether in passenger or commercial version, are being investigated since February for the falsehood of gases

Regarding the Mercedes Vito, investigated since last February for the same reason, equipped with the same engine as the previous models and is supposed to comply with the Euro 6 anti-pollution standard, with the affected units being the 109 CDI and 111 CDI versions, which offer a maximum power of 88 and 114 HP. The suspicions of the German authorities fall on a device that causes an increase in nitrogen oxide emissions during the operation of vehicles.

That is, the system has two programs that interfere with the engine control unit to “skip” the applicable regulations under certain circumstances. According to the German newspaper Der Spiegel, the Federal Minister of Transport, Andreas Scheuer has already summoned the head of the German firm to give the relevant explanations, which has only expressed “its close cooperation with the authorities, but does not comment.”

Despite this detail, a Daimler source who did not want to express his name and put the German newspaper, notes that since last February is working on a software update and that owners will be informed when be ready, admitting that the solution of installing an SCR particle filter is not the definitive solution to this problem, since the system works efficiently in tests on the test bench but not on the road.

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