Ford GT 2017 auctioned for 1.81 million dollars

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This weekend has been auctioned a new copy of the Ford GT 2017, a model that in theory its owners cannot sell under any circumstances in the first two years after purchase. As they clearly specify their contracts with the brand. John Cena, the professional wrestler and actor, decided to sell his and the brand quickly sued him, so we know for a fact that Dearborn’s signature is taking that contract clause very seriously.

This brand new copy It has been auctioned by Mecum Auctions at its great Indianapolis event, which was held between the 15th and 20th of this month, where it has been presented as one of the biggest attractions of the event and announced as the only available GT 2017 in the world. Its result, $ 1,815,000 counting sales commissions are precisely the largest of the macroevement, so it has been the most expensive model of this week of Mecum Auctions.

The copy is the number 48 manufactured from the Short limited edition of the model and it was manufactured on June 15, 2017, so it does not even have a year. It was registered in Florida on August 17, 2017, but the owner’s identity remains a mystery. Although we can be sure that the brand will know for sure who it is.

The state of the model is simply perfect, it is a model that is still brand new. In your odometer, we can only read 7 miles of use, which is about 11 kilometres. Just delivery mileage or at most, some movement to move it and park it.

For now, Ford has not ruled on it, but it will surely take action against the owner. Interestingly, this is not the first model of the model that is auctioned, because at the beginning of this year Barrett-Jackson auctioned in Scottsdale copy number 23, also brand new, but with a notable difference. This unit was auctioned for charitable reasons, which is allowed by the brand. That specimen reached a sum of 2.5 million dollars, so it is officially the most expensive specimen of the model.

The gray specimen auctioned off in Indianapolis this week was not intended for charity, not for charity. know at least, so we understand that it is a simple and routine sale more. What will not be liked by Ford, although it remains to be seen if this is related in any way to the brand itself?

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