Ford also demands the dealer that John Cena sold his GT 2017

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As we already knew, Ford Motor Company sued professional actor and wrestler John Cena for selling his brand new Ford GT 2017, breaking the commitment he had acquired, as all customers of the limited edition model, to keep the vehicle on your property at least the first 24 months after receipt. Of which not even the first 12 were met.

Ford put a lot of effort into selecting the customers that would receive one of these desired copies among the multiple applications received after its presentation in Detroit in 2015. Requests exceeding in more than ten times the number of units that were available from the model. So the brand takes this commitment clause very seriously that it includes in all the sales contracts of the new Ford GT.

But what we did not know was that in addition to John Cena, he had also been sued dealer who had bought the car from the professional wrestler, after trying unsuccessfully to prevent the new sale of the vehicle.

The dealer in question is New Autos Inc., an establishment of the Chico, California, and the lawsuit was, curiously, filed a few days before that of Cena.

It is not entirely clear why Ford has sued the dealership, because they had no responsibility or contractual obligation to the manufacturer of the sports car, but as has transpired, the brand was previously contacted with them to prevent the vehicle from transferred to another customer.

From here the thing is complicated because the dealer informed the brand that the vehicle had already been sold, but the brand has images of the same exposure in the establishment at later dates. After this, the vehicle has been registered twice, first in Montana and then in California, precisely in the town of Chico, where the dealer is located. Although the description of a single owner still appears in the history of the vehicle, despite having been registered in 3 different locations since leaving the factory.

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