The unique collection of Corvette Indy 500 Pace Cars sold for 1.76 million

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This week saw one of the megacities of Mecum Auctions in Indianapolis, several consecutive days of uninterrupted auctions in which hundreds of vehicles passed by on the stand. Among which we could highlight a few outstanding pieces, but among which shone some complete collections for sale, as is the case of this, the only known complete collection of the editions Indy 500 Pace Car Edition of the Chevrolet Corvette.

In total, the collection has 16 copies of these are rare special editions, launched by the brand each time the sports car played the official Pace Car of the Indianapolis 500. Although this collection is something special because it has units that never came to be for sale.

Its owner and seller was Keith Busse, who for 30 years has been done with at least one of the Pace specimens. Car Edition of the ‘Vette. In the years when Chevrolet decided not to launch this edition for sale, as in the last 4 editions, Busse managed to persuade both Chevy and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway itself to authorize a recreation of the models’ employees in those editions. Using the correct versions and graphics, under the previous license. In this way, Busse has managed to have several unique, official and duly licensed units, indispensable to complete this collection. Although some years it has 2 copies.

The Chevy two-seater is the model that has played this role the most, a total of 14 times to this day. In the 2018 edition of the mythical test will be again the Corvette model chosen, so today, only one copy will be missing, the future official Pace Car, which has already been duly presented to the media.

Busse’s intentions and the auction house were to initially offer the collection as a single lot and only in case the reservation price could not be reached by separating the collection into individual lots. Finally, this was not necessary, since the highest bid reached 1.76 million dollars, a value that exceeded even the previous estimates, which pointed to a price of around 1.5 million.

However, Keith Busse was not so lucky with the second collection auctioned at this event, the strange Corvette collection # 35, a series of models and elements related to the Corvette and number 35, including a brick from the original factory in Flint, Michigan, where The Corvette was assembled for the first time. The minimum price was $ 500,000 and it was thought that it would be quickly reached since among the lots was a Corvette C1 of 1953, the serial number 35. However, it failed to reach its minimum reserve price.

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