BMW X3 L will be unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show

BMW will present in the great Chinese appointment the elongated wheelbase variant, BMW X3 L, a special model that is already a tradition in the market of China with 54 millimetres more that provide a greater comfort and space for the rear passengers.

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The inhabitants of the Asian giant are in luck. On the occasion of the Beijing Motor Show, BMW will present the extended wheelbase version, named BMW X3 L, specially developed for the Chinese customer who is more demanding in terms of space than the American and European.

Which is the second model in the range of SUV of the German brand will be manufactured by BMW Brilliance Automotive, losing 55 kilograms of weight with respect to the previous generation by including some body panels made of aluminum, increasing rigidity of the body by thirty percent thanks to a greater use of high strength steel and maintaining the balance of weights in a 50/50 distribution – characteristic of the brand – all despite the fact that its wheelbase is no less than 54 millimeters longer than the second generation model.

The new BMW X3 L as the model is actually called in the commercial offer and the sixth BMW model to be produced in China – does not present significant aesthetic differences compared to the base model sold in other world markets, but given the passion for luxury and sportsmanship that the Chinese customer feels, the Munich brand will market it in this market with two versions of finish – “Luxury Line” and “M Sport” – with a more elegant character or betting on a sportier treatment.

The same happens inside the BMW SUV ; it also does not present new features, but the passion for technology of such a demanding customer is because the brand offers the best of the best this new BMW X3 L, with a 12.3-inch display in the instrument panel and a 10.25 for the infotainment system; Together, they represent a size of 22.55 inches – the largest in its category – and equipped with up to five operating options: touch, iDrive control, tactile buttons and gestural and vocal control.

Possibilities that are complemented with completely new rear seats that offer greater comfort and can be upholstered in leather with active ventilation, to which the ambient lighting is added with eleven colors and in addition to all the services provided by BMW Connected with Internet connection WiFi, functionality Apple carplay or option “Remote 3D View” image transmission in real time, as well as release the function “Personal Co-Pilot” , which includes attending the driving as the “Wizard lane keeping” a Improved active cruise control or cross traffic alert.

In principle, the supply of mechanics for the Chinese market will include the versions of gasoline xDrive25i and xDrive30i – the two equipped with filter of particles of series – and associated with an automatic transmission of eight-speed Steptronic and all-wheel drive to the four wheels xDrive , which distributes the power and torque between the two axes up to one hundred percent in cases that are necessary.

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