BMW will increase production capacity at its Leipzig plant

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The BMW Group has confirmed that it will invest heavily in its factory in Leipzig (Germany) with the aim of significantly increasing the production capacity of vehicles. After allocating 300 million euros, BMW hopes to increase the annual production of its well-known factory where well-known models such as the BMW i3, BMW 1 Series or the BMW i8, among others, are produced.

The objective of this investment is to reach the goal of producing 350,000 vehicles per year by 2020. That is, we are talking about an annual increase in production of 100,000 units. The Leipzig plant is one of the most advanced in the German group. An example is the case of the production of the BMW i3. The all-electric BMW car is produced with the energy obtained by the wind plant from the factory.

The BMW 2 Series is also manufactured in Leipzig. The production of some of the key products of the Bavarian firm is concentrated there. That is why this investment is really important for the immediate future of the company and the operators that work there. Even so, BMW has not specified whether as part of this investment to increase the volume of production is the incorporation of a new model to the assembly line.

Oliver Zipse, Head of Production at BMW, stressed the importance of making this investment at the Leipzig plant: “With the measures, we are introducing now, we should make the plant even more flexible and, above all, more efficient to keep it competitive in the future”.

The painting workshop will concentrate a large part of the changes that are part of this investment plan. A new line of top-finish fully automated paint will be installed as well as a new pre-treatment and cathodic bath system. This will allow the company to improve its capacity by 40%. It will also reduce the production of wastewater and energy consumption.

In addition, about 500 industrial robots will be added to the body shop area and some adjustments will be made to the transportation systems. On the other hand, the changes in the assembly line include a new system of panoramic roof mounting of high speed and flexibility. The pre-installation of the integration of new human-robot collaboration systems will also be carried out.

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