Audi raises an electric supercar with batteries in solid state

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So far we have not heard from an executive of the German brand of solid-state battery technology, despite the fact that several car groups have already confirmed projects under development in this field. It was during the e-Prix in Berlin that Peter Oberndorfer, one of the people in charge of product and communications, not only confirmed that the brand is already working on this new technology, but they have even considered a new electric hyper-sport in the style of Rimac models.

According to Oberndorfer’s words, Audi is already working in this field and it would be the only viable way to develop a vehicle of this very high level of performance, since current lithium batteries have too many limitations, like the weight or its capacity.

Regarding the electric hypercar, Oberndorfer affirmed that they were “considering everything at that moment”, but he “personally believes that the batteries need more development” for a vehicle of these characteristics, noting that the battery technology in the solid state, or another similar, would be a possible solution.

“Because if you want to go very fast you need a lot of energy and you do not want to waste three days to go from the Nürburgring to Munich or in the opposite direction.” Peter Oberndorfer.

According to the executive, there are still a few years for the brand to have this technology ready, which would considerably reduce the weight in addition to achieving a greater amount of electricity. Although there are brands that say that in 2020 they will have ready their first models with this type of batteries, as is the case of Toyota.

Of course, the intentions of the brand to build a hyper-sports vehicle do not mean that they are already developing it, especially taking into account the ambitious plans of the brand in the electric segment, which are already fixed for the next 6 or 7 years. The first of these new Audi electric models, the e-Tron Quattro, will be unveiled in its final production format this year and deliveries will begin in early 2019.

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