Audi Q8: begins the uncovering with teasers

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The unveiling campaign of the new Audi Q8 is being the most prolific. After publishing some teasers and even a sketch of Audi Q8, the German brand has prepared a series of videos as a preview of the new luxury crossover.

Today has published the first of these videos, which will make up a series of 5 in total and that like a film takes us to the presentation of the model. The argument of these videos seems to be taken from a black film because it begins with the protagonist waking up in a dark room that he does not know, so that little by little he remembers that he has been assaulted in the last hours.

The model appears in these first sequences, but for now only one image of the protagonists of the video inside the vehicle, so the details that are appreciated are minimal and little relevant. What the brand shows in this first video is the Q8 emblem of the model, as you can see in the image above, a simple screenshot of the video itself.

The new SUV Audi will be the largest of the German range, positioned on the current Q7 as a more luxurious alternative but also more sporty because it does not have the voluminous silhouette of this. From the rear view, it reminds us a lot of the Lamborghini Urus, especially for the shapes of the rear optics, formed by a single horizontal line with polygonal shapes.

The firm has already confirmed its presentation for next June in China, although it will later have its European debut at the during the Paris Motor Show 2018.

Following its presentation, the new flagship of the Audi SUV range will reach the dealers of the main markets before the end of this year, although Europe will not reach the first bars of 2019. It will be manufactured in the same facilities where the Audi Q7 is already assembled, in Bratislava (Slovenia).

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