Apple will use the Volkswagen Multivan to create autonomous vehicles

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During these last months Apple has maintained discreet conversations with relevant car manufacturers with the aim of reaching an agreement related to its development program. of autonomous driving technology. After not reaching an agreement with Mercedes-Benz or BMW, it has finally been able to establish a collaboration with an entire industry giant, Volkswagen.

According to the information that the New York Times has had access to, the negotiations with Daimler and the BMW Group failed at the time as they demanded that Apple give control of the data and the design of its automation system. Apparently, Volkswagen has not demanded this condition to initiate a collaboration within this relevant field for the future of the automotive sector.

As a result of this agreement Apple will be able to use the Volkswagen Multivan as a base to create a fleet of autonomous vehicles that will be used by the employees of the technology company. The role of Volkswagen in this agreement will be as provider and logistics cooperator. Although there are not many details about what happens inside Apple doors, surely a group of Volkswagen engineers will also collaborate to turn the Multivan into a prototype autonomous car.

The objective of transforming the Volkswagen Multivan into a vehicle capable of circulating without the intervention of the figure of the driver is just one more step in Apple’s plans to achieve an automation technology. driving that in the future will be sold to car manufacturers who want to use it in their vehicles. While some brands are committed to developing their own technology, others will wait to use an already developed one.

The prototypes based on the Volkswagen Multivan will be transformed in Italy in vehicles of electrical mechanics thanks to the agreement that Apple has also with Italdesign. Currently, Apple has a fleet of 55 autonomous car prototypes based on Lexus models. The tests on roads open to traffic are being made in California (United States).

Another example of collaboration between a technology company and an automobile manufacturer we have the agreement that in the past established Google and FCA so that Waymo (company founded by the parent of Google) could use the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid as a basis for the creation of its fleet of autonomous car prototypes. And, ultimately, technology companies need vehicles in which to test their hardware and software.

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