The standard $ 35,000 Tesla Model 3 delayed until the end of the year

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Among the avalanche of tweets from Elon Musk in recent days, the co-founder of Tesla has revealed new data of the release of the expected base version of the Tesla Model 3, the version that has the promised price $ 35,000 and that for the time being, will still have to wait a few months before going into production.

Musk did not really reveal a specific date of launch, but the possible deadlines to start its manufacture since until now it has only The ‘Long Range’ variant of the Model 3 has been produced, which has a larger battery pack and therefore part of a higher price.

According to Musk, the manufacture of the standard version will not start until 3 or 6 months after the production chain of the Tesla Model 3 reaches the figure of 5,000 units manufactured per week, an objective that should have been achieved at the end of last year but due to various problems has still been achieved. The date that is expected to reach that figure is in the imminent month of June.

To reach the figure of 5,000 units manufactured per week next June and by Musk’s statements, Tesla could start production of the base variant between September and December of this year so we can expect that the first deliveries will take place, at the earliest, at the end of 2018. These dates fit with the announced on the web, which quotes 2018 as the start date of production of this variant.

The standard variant of the Tesla Model 3 will have a smaller battery pack, encrypted so far in little more than 50 kWh according to some sources, which will allow you to enjoy a range of 220 miles or 354 kilometres with a single load, according to EPA figures.

In theory, the equipment of this version is identical to that of the Model 3 ‘Long Range’. the list Optional equipment of the base version, including AutoPilot system, will also be similar and at the same prices.

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