2018 Easter Jeep concepts have arrived

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Jeep has a long-standing tradition in history: every year at Easter, a large gathering is held in Moab, Utah. It is also an opportunity for the brand to reveal more or less wacky Easter Jeep concepts.

The Jeep 4SPEED, based on a Wrangler, rid of superfluous elements. What remains (hood, wings, back panel) is carbon. The 4SPEED receives a new windshield tilted, sees its wheelbase reduced by 55 cm and raised the body. The engine is a mere 2 litre 4 cylinder.

Easter Jeep concepts Nacho

Sandstorm is also based on a Wrangler, with here an inspiration drawn from the Baja Rally-Raid races 1000 and derivatives. Once again, the Wrangler is largely raised, the body receives some modifications: carbon hood with air intake, chassis protection and raised wings. Here, the wheelbase is lengthened for more stability. The engine gets mean: a good big 6.4-liter Mopar V8 mated to a 6-speed manual transmission.

Wrangler always with the Nacho Jeep, which owes its name to its yellow paint. Essentially a mobile catalogue of spare parts Mopar, the Nacho still has a hell of a mouth.

Style change with the B-Ute, based on the small Renegade SUV. A grille and a new hood, fender flares, large tires and a roof rack make up the bulk of the changes for a concept without great flavour.

Jeepster concept

Much nicer is the Wagoneer Roadtrip. The base this time is to look in the history of Jeep with a Wagoneer of 1965. Its wheelbase is lengthened and it is equipped with new dampers and wheels of 17 “. The nice idea is to have kept simple sheet metal wheels, and to have painted in this pretty green mint, deliciously retro. Under the hood, a modern 5.7 litre Hemi V8. A road trip on board, that’s a pretty attractive idea, right?

Back to the Wrangler with the last two Easter Jeep concepts. The Jeepster is distinguished by a two-colour red / white paint and the usual raising kit. Too bad not to have gone further, in the idea of the real Jeepster even if the rear window of the hard-top is slightly inclined. Finally, the J-Wagon is a bit sad. By wanting to copy some Mercedes G class into the name, it lacks inspiration. Only a few touches of bronze colour on its grey body allow it to distinguish a little.

Easter harvests a little dull this year, mostly around the new Wrangler. Fortunately, the Wagoneer Roadtrip comes to brighten up the table.

4SPEED Easter Jeep concepts

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